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Wellspring Academy Trust is governed by a Board of Directors.

The Board is comprised of:

  • Board-appointed Directors
  • Directors appointed by the Trust’s Sponsor

All governors, excluding ex-officio, have a 4 year term of office.

The Governing Body:

The Governing Body was re-constituted on 16.09.19. A Scheme of Delegation 3 arrangement is now in place, involving a small ‘Governing Group’ (primarily of Executive Team members) to provide agile and speedy governance support to the Academies on an interim basis.

The new members of the Governing Body are:

  • Ian Hague-Brown (Executive) Declared interests – None
  • Mark Wilson (Executive) Declared interests – None
  • Mark Wood (Executive) Declared interests –  Member of CIPFA
  • Josh Greaves Trustee (Executive) Declared interests: Bronte Academy Trust (Since September 2018), Director – Opening Doors Greenacre C.I.C., Director – Spring Ahead C.I.C., Family member is Executive Principal within Wellspring Academy Trust
  • Sam Bailey (Executive Principal)

Governing Body Meeting Attendance Log:

Attendance Summary 19-20

Attendance Summary 18-19

Leavers in the last 12 months

When the Governing Body was re-constituted the following members stepped down:

Name Start of term date Category Governors Role Own Interests
Catherine Waskett Date appointed: 1/12/15 Trust-appointed Governor Safeguarding None
Katie Mountain Date appointed: November 2017 Staff- appointed Governor None
Phillip Whitehead (Vice-Chair) Date appointed: 11/9/17 Trust-appointed Governor Community Engagement None
Sara Sutcliffe (Vice-Chair) Date appointed: 11/9/17 Trust-appointed Governor Behaviour and Attendance Board Member of Families Forward
Ian Goddard Date appointed: Oct 2017 Ex-Officio Governor None
Scott Jacques (Trust Employee) Date appointed: October 2018 (TA prior to this) Ex-Officio Governor Executive Principal at Springwell Leeds (part of WAT)
Date appointed: October 2018 Trust appointed Governor Business and Finance Member of Chartered Institute of Management Accounts
Barbara Moores Date Appointed : 20.11.18 Trust-appointed Governor Key Pupil Groups Sole trader distributor for Tropic Skincare Products

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For enquiries that require attention from the Chair of the Governing Group, please contact the Clerk, Gail Wood.
Address: DMC, County Way, Barnsley, S70 2JW