Ebor Gardens Primary Academy

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Our Mission Statement

At Ebor Gardens Primary Academy we provide the best education we can for all our pupils in a happy, caring and healthy environment. We provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum that is stimulating and challenging and prepares children for life in modern Britain. Success is achieved in close partnership with pupils, parents, carers, governors and other members of our multicultural community.

At Ebor Gardens Primary Academy we ensure that everyone in our school is treated with respect and dignity. Each person in our school is given fair and equal opportunities to develop their full potential with positive regard to gender, ethnicity, cultural and religious background, sexuality and disability.
We are privileged to be part of Wellspring Academy Trust who believes that every school is unique, because it has a unique history; it serves a unique community context and is full of unique individuals. They value and celebrate the unique identities of their schools. They encourage them to innovate, create and develop their uniqueness because they want others to learn from them.

The best way to get to know us at Ebor Gardens is to come and visit – and the best time to come is when the children are here at school. Contact the school office to arrange a visit and see Ebor Gardens at work and play!

Latest News & Events


The pupils found a secret map they had to follow. They worked well with directions and had indeph conversations about the environment. We shall be creating our own maps and focus on birds eye view in our community. @jenjap37 @mrspink_egpa https://t.co/TZ2csYEZ0Q
#InternationalPicnicDay Key Stage 2 enjoying their picnics in the school grounds. The sun is ‘just about’ still shining. @jenjap37 @mrspink_egpa @iangoddard90 https://t.co/na3c33Vm4y
Pupils found a voice massage left for them in class this morning. They ventured to Dillan's to follow its instructions and found an envelope. One of our pupils read the content and it made them all reply to the letter received. Great to see all pupils wanting to write👍 @jenjap37 https://t.co/wogLxETb07
Reception, year 1 and year 2 enjoying #InternationalPicnicDay The weather was kind to us! #makingadifference @jenjap37 @mrspink_egpa @iangoddard90 https://t.co/5wiRaTiSbs
Some of our year 5 children had an awesome experience! @jenjap37 @mrspink_egpa @NFL The staff were so pleased with their behaviour and sporting prowess! https://t.co/mahJEUOAv2
Year 5 enjoyed an exciting trip to Bruntwood to experience the world of business. They had a great time. @jenjap37 @mrspink_egpa @enablingent #makingadifference https://t.co/8otDfifTJa