Pupil Voice

School council elections are held at the beginning of the Autumn term with two pupils being elected from each class (Years 1 – 6). All potential candidates have to write and present a speech to their class, outlining why they think they will be a good candidate. Then their fellow pupils vote for candidates they think will be most suitable for the role.

he school council meets regularly to discuss and develop their own roles in school. Tasks they conduct include, promoting and running charity events, gathering opinions and ideas, supporting whole school events and sharing pupil voice. The council members are in charge of feeding back information to their classes and initiating whole class discussions to implement wider school policies. It is a perfect opportunity for individuals to develop speaking, listening, negotiation and teamwork skills.

School councillors 2019-2020

  • Devansh Desai 6LS
  • Asma Amin 6LS
  • Sasha Parker Oteng 6NI
  • Ikram Abubaker 6NI
  • Danar Nasih 5LW
  • Lida Jamali 5LW
  • Anita Hysenaj 5NP
  • Melode Habeta 5NP
  • Ava-Lei Drew 4FG
  • Isatou Saidyleigh 4FG
  • Samantha Sousa 4RM
  • Baran Rafik 4RM
  • Lewis Pollard-Gaines 3JH
  • Parth Shedge 3JH
  • Brian Adu Duncan 3MD
  • Hani Hawar 3MD
  • Aro Amin 2HW
  • Joao Fernando 2HW
  • Mohammed Jimie Hamed 2LB
  • Aresa Berisha 2LB
  • Umar Ceesay 1NB
  • Mudra Bharade 1NB
  • Mario Gangal 1AD
  • Iqra Dahir 1AD