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Assessment & Performance Data


Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. It serves three main purposes:

  • ‘formative’ i.e. producing information for the teacher to plan next learning steps · ‘diagnostic’ i.e. informing the teacher of the child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • ‘summative’ i.e. a snapshot of a child’s achievements We view the core purpose of assessment as identifying what pupils can do, where the gaps in their learning are and using this information to inform our next steps.

To maintain an up to date picture of attainment we follow a half termly assessment calendar which requires thorough, moderated assessment in Phonics, Reading, Writing and Maths. We use these assessments to inform subsequent learning, including intervention where appropriate.

Foundation Stage

Assessment within Foundation Stage is ongoing and based on timely observation and assessment of pupil outcomes by all staff. Assessments are rigorous and based on the most up-to-date DFE statutory requirements.

Baseline Assessment of FS pupils will continue to gather evidence towards completion of the Early Years Profile – no separate assessment framework will be used. Children will be assessed on an on-going basis throughout FS, with half-termly summaries subject to team discussion, moderation, analysis and reporting to school leaders.

The purpose of half termly assessment and team discussion is to develop a clear appreciation of required pupil progress and the needs of all pupils across the phase within the coming half term, so that planning can be shaped to facilitate learning. Consideration of evidence gathered across the half term, as well as specific, practical, teacher-led assessments in relation to phonics and maths will form a rigorous basis for summative assessment.

2023 2022 2019 2018 2017
EYFS GLD 56% 54% 65% 65% 56%

KS1 & 2

Assessment judgements will be recorded using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a half termly basis. Staff will record pupil achievement of KPIs on a half-termly basis. This summative assessment period will include a high level of moderation across the phase in order to deepen all of our understanding of the year group expectations.

In addition to Teacher Assessment, we will also use Rising Stars PIRA, PUMA and GAPS summative assessment tests at the end of each term. Test performance will also be recorded and analysed with school leaders, in order to ensure all pupils are making necessary progress. The tests will predominantly be used to identify what pupils must focus on next in order to secure year group expectations.

Writing assessment is ongoing and staff will maintain an accurate record of children’s secure use of the devices expected of all pupils of their age. The expectation is that 100% of pupils are secure, using proven methodologies to enable pupils to excel in writing and demonstrate proficiency in expected year group standards.

Moderation takes place on a half termly basis across school to achieve consistency of judgements. Moderation exercises are undertaken with senior leaders, with other teachers cross phase or with teachers from other schools.







Year 1 phonics

53% 54% 57% 66% 62%

Year 2 Phonics

72% 53% 66% 66% 65%

KS1 R (TA)

60% 53% 62% 62% 57%

KS1 W (TA)

59% 53% 60% 57% 43%

KS1 M (TA)

67% 55% 66% 66% 57%


-% 65% 45% 48%


Y4 Multiplication Tables check




Y4 MTC 25/25 40% 45% N/A
Y4 MTC 20+ 82% 83% N/A
Y4 MTC Average Score 22 22 N/A








KS2 Reading

60% 50% 36% 53% 28%

KS2 Reading progress

-1.87 -2.84 0.86 -3.15

Ks2 Writing

64% 63% 64% 61% 17%

Ks2 Writing progress

1.25 1.47 -0.11 -3.78

Ks2 Maths

66% 50% 45% 43% 31%

KS2 Maths progress

-1.15 -0.4 -1.53 -3.72


60% 66% 51% 55% 39%

KS2 Combined

49% 36% 30% 37% 17%