Art is a medium that is accessible to all: children can engage with, be inspired by and be motivated to create works of art. Our Art curriculum has been developed to:

  • Challenge children’s knowledge and skills
  • Motivate children to experiment
  • Inspire children to invent and create their own works of Art, Craft and Design
  • Allow children to think critically about Art and Art History

Through the curriculum, children experience being ‘valued’ as an artist. Children are expected to be reflective and evaluate their work, thinking about how they can make changes, how to develop their artwork – acknowledging that all art is different, but all art is valued.

While through their Art History exploration, children will gain a deeper understanding of art, its relevance in history and how it helped form contemporary art, children also learn a range of skills in line with the National Curriculum: 3D Modelling, Clay/Pottery, Sketching, Collage, Painting and Textiles. Each strand builds on techniques from previous lessons while also cementing new skills. By using multi-media in each project, children continually develop a range of artistic technical skills.

Our Art Curriculum:

Art and DT 2020