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Curriculum Information – Spring 2 2019/2020

RECEPTION (Scroll down for Nursery Information)


For our literacy we are focusing on stories related to “Toys”. This includes stories such as the “There Was an Old Lady That Swallowed a Fly, ‘Harry and the Robots., ‘Kipper’s Toy Box, and many more exciting tales that grasp the children’s interest in reading. We will be using different writing formats such as story books, letters and other writing frames. This then continues with the mark making and reading opportunities allowing the children to use the learned sounds in Floppy’s Phonics to start creating marks they can describe as well as read to their audience.


We shall be continuing with our numbers this term and begin familiarising ourselves with vocabulary linked to doubling, halving and counting in twos. We shall also be looking at time, size and money. Children will able to use real life objects as part of their role play to enhance their vocabulary and problem solving skills. This will then lead to explanation of their reasoning and development of individual thought processes. Songs and specific tasks will help to explain their learning, as well as visual, playful, activities in all areas of provision.


This topic relates to our new focus “Toys”. This explores and embraces pupil’s imagination and links to real life experiences such a baking and exploring the world around them using board games and toys.  We will elaborate the importance of sharing, well-being, personal resilience, adaptability, respect and morality. We will use our creative skills to use tools and materials to create and make objects for a purpose. This allows for an understanding of the world in relation to similarities and differences. We also making sure pupils are engaging in teamwork and following structure tasks.


We will be looking at ‘Cultural songs and games’. This links well to our topic of ‘Toys’, especially real life experiences.


During the half term children will continue with self-service whilst using our areas of provision as well as the snack area. We will discuss emotions and how to express how a person can explain their feelings through restorative practices.


Our children are using our outdoor and indoor facilities which allows them to explore their gross and fine motor skills. We also have a slot where we access the hall for team tasks, linking to their Communication and Language skills.


Homework will be sent out on a Friday to be returned by the following week.

Continuing reading – It is vital that children in Early Years read at home regularly. Reading books should be taken home from school and changed on a regular basis. We would like our children to change their books twice a week, on a Monday and Friday. It is an expectation for families to take part in their children progress through sharing books which they enjoy. The pupils will also read daily as part of guided reading everyday.

Important Dates/Events

Thursday 5th March – World Book Day & Bedtime Reading Event

Friday 6th March – Class Photographs

Friday 13th March – Comic Relief Celebrations (wear red)

Tuesday 17th March- Maths Workshop for parents.

Wednesday 18th March – Parents Consultation

Thursday 19th March – Parents Consultation

Tuesday 24th March – Book Fair in School (until Friday)

Friday 3rd April – Break up for Easter Holiday

What do we need?

If you have any queries, with regard to your children’s learning or well-being, do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Early Years Team.

Miss. A.Stephenson & Miss Cardiss,

Reception 1.

Mr D Owens, Mrs. Luna, Miss. Khan.

Reception 2.



Curriculum Information

Welcome! We hope you have all had a good half term break.

Our overall topic this term is ‘Toys.’ During this topic we will be exploring toys old and new!

Language and Literacy  topic focus

Our focus for Literacy this half-term will be the ‘The Runaway Pancake’, ‘The three Billy Goats Gruff’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Were going on an egg hunt’.

Change the scene: At bedtime, set up the sheet like a tent (you are the pole)

and read the story in bed under the sheet by the glow of a flashlight.

Include sound effects and voices: Add you own noises and sound effects to stories (if a door opens make it creak). Change your voice and read each part in the character’s voice.  Assign parts: Give your child something to say when his character.


Over the next half-term, the children will be learning about numbers to 10, making patterns and learning positional language.

The children will spend time learning about basic coins and how to go shopping using these coins in our toy shop.

Religious Education

We will be looking at Easter and how Christian’s celebrate this Religious festival.  We will be making chocolate egg nests, cards and bonnets.

Outdoor play

Please don’t forget that we play out most days so please wrap your child up nice & warmly!

Class library

Please change books regularly from our class library, as reading is vital even at this age. Also, don’t forget to sign your child’s reading record everyday!

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Making relationships

During this half term, we will be looking at being a responsive and considerate friend in interactions.  We will also look at taking turns and showing sensitivity to others.


P.E. day is Friday morning in the school hall. The children just remove their socks and shoes, so please send them in shoes that they can manage themselves. Please ensure all clothes are named.

Key dates:

Thursday 5th March – World Book Day & Bedtime Reading Event

Friday 6th March – Class Photographs

Friday 13th March – Comic Relief Celebrations (wear red)

Tuesday 24th March – Book Fair in School (until Friday)

Friday 3rd April – Break up for Easter Holiday

We have outlined our topic area, and what we will be covering. However, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

If you have any queries, with regard to your children’s learning or

well-being, do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Nursery team.

Mrs HK Sagoo and Mrs J Donlan

Nursery Teachers

Ms S Friar

Nursery Nurse

Miss S Malik

Nursery Support