Ebor Gardens Primary Academy

Year 1

Curriculum Information – Spring Term 2020


In English this half-term we will be focusing on stories with familiar settings and characters.  As part of this we will be looking at traditional tails.

Using traditional tails as an aid, Year 1 will learn about how to describe characters, settings, continue stories and write their own story based on a familiar theme.


We will continue to use Floppy Phonics to support the teaching of phonics and reading in Year 1.  This half-term we will be teaching stage 3 sounds and will continue to revise the previously taught stages.

The activity sheets used within class will be sent home to allow your child to continue practising and to be able to share with you what they are learning in class.


In Maths this half-term Year 1 will be looking at multiplication and division.  By the end of this term Year 1 will be able to:

We will be constantly revisiting and expanding our previous number work and it remains extremely important that Year 1 develop a quick and rapid understanding of a range of number facts, including:


This half-term, our topic is ‘Body Explorers.’  During this topic, the children will be:


Year 1 will do PE on a Monday:

Please bring your child’s PE kit into school that day.  Your child’s PE kit should include:

We would also like to remind you all to put name labels in all items of clothing that your child brings into school.


Children will receive lists of new words to spell every Tuesday and they will be tested on the following Monday.  You can help your child by practising the spellings in their homework diary.  Encourage your child to write simple sentences, containing the new words learned, capital letters and full stops.


Reading books should be taken home from school and changed on a regular ba

We know parents and carers are very busy people.  But if you can find time to read to your child as much as possible, it helps him or her to learn new words and what they mean.  Whilst reading with your child ask them questions about the story.  Show that you are interested in reading yourself and talk about reading as a family.

Important Dates/Events

Wb 13th January 2020 – All After school clubs start

7th February 2020  – Training Day – School closed to pupils

12th February 2020 – Learning in Action

13th February 2020 – Parent Coffee Morning 9 -10am

14th February 2020 – School closes for Half term.

What do we need?

If you have any queries with regard to your children’s learning or well-being, do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Year 1 team.

Miss Howley & Miss Holdsworth

Year 1 Learning Support

Miss Dobbie & Mrs Baum

Year 1 Teachers